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It’s all the rage now, living as eco-friendly as possible, so what are we doing about it?

Ever since ‘global warming’, we as the human population have finally noticed that our way of living was actually destroying the earth. Our ancestors had it right in the first place. Then human technology happened. We invented machines and items that were meant to make our life easier, yet it was accumulating a lot of waste. Good advertising led to mass consumerism. Now we have this problem- how much more can our Earth take?

I am glad that the past few years, we have started to look for ways to reduce our waste, even going back to the ‘old ways’. Bulk stores have opened up where you can bring your own packaging, new inventions to replace plastic (wasn’t new in the first place!) such as water bottles, KeepCups, straws etc. But not enough people are on the bandwagon yet, we simply need to make more effort. So what is conscious living, mindful lifestyle?

Conscious Living

As you go on about your life, we tend to do things automatically because we are used to it. It’s our routine. ‘Conscious Living’ is simply thinking about what you are doing with Mother Nature in mind. Some of our everyday things such as sponges, skincare, cleaning products etc. can be adapted or changed to reduce your impact. We have stopped buying sponges and use handmade crochet dish cloths instead. Ever since my first born, I have been using cloth nappies. Although, I found using night cloth nappies to be an extra chore (if they don’t sleep through the night) so I use disposable at night. What I’m saying is, every little bit counts. Make a conscious decision to reduce your waste one thing at a time. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re only human.

Mindful Lifestyle

Okay, this is more to do with looking after yourself and your family. The key word to here is ‘mindful’. It relates to everything- mind and body. How are you looking after yourself and let alone your tribe? I believe it starts with you. If you look after yourself first, then the rest follows. As a busy Mumma with two little ones under 3 and a big kid (husband), I often forget to look after myself. I know I have to, but I make up a million excuses. For example, ‘I’m tired’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘You never let me’, blah blah. It’s time to stop making excuses and set some time aside for ME. Well, hopefully you will follow me on my journey because this is where I need to improve.

Your journey begins here. Conscious Living, Mindful Lifestyle. It’s not an overnight success. It could take months, years or even a decade. You do what you can and I’ll keep sharing my success and failures with you. We’re in this together!



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