Moon Cloth Mama Wet Bag
Moon Cloth Mama Wet Bag
Moon Cloth Mama Wet Bag
Moon Cloth Mama

Moon Cloth Mama Wet Bag

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Discreetly pack away your cloth pads or nursing pads in these beautifully made Mini Wet Bags. Handmade with designer cotton, waterproof lining using PUL with snaps closure. It can fit 2 cloth pads and multiple nursing pads. 


Mini: 12 cm x 12 cm

Small: 16cm x 16cm

About Moon Cloth Mama

Melinda is the owner of Moon Cloth Mama from Melbourne since 2013. She sews reusable cloth pads and accessories that are stylish, affordable and most of all - machine washable. Only the finest materials such as pure cotton, ethically-sourced merino wool, bamboo and nursery grade micro fleece are used. Items are never mass produced. Materials are always pre-washed in earth friendly detergents to remove any residues from fabric production and to avoid the risk of items shrinking in the wash in the future. All customers who purchase these products becomes Moon Cloth Mama's "Moon Child".

*Please note, this is a made to order item. Please allow 1-2 production & delivery.