Christmas Play Dough Set
Christmas Play Dough Set
La Di Dough

Christmas Play Dough Set

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Encourage imagination and build fine motor skills and coordination with our Limited Edition Christmas Play dough! 

Each box contains 3 x 100g totalling 300g worth of handmade dough! Handmade with food grade and biodegradable glitter and recyclable packaging, making it safe for your little ones and the environment! 

Santa’s Breathe is Candy Cane scented with colours red, white and green  

Fa La La is Candy Cane scented with colours red, lime and teal  

Contains: Natural ingredients, organic coconut oil, bakery grade colour and 2 different types of biodegradable glitter.

Ages 3+

Although our dough is non toxic and smells pretty yummy, it has a high salt content so should not be consumed.