Baby Milestones Felt Numbers
Baby Milestones Felt Numbers
Baby Milestones Felt Numbers
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Baby Milestones Felt Numbers

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Follow and capture the special moments and milestones of your baby with these beautiful set of numbers. Take a picture every month of your little one using them and you’ll have something to remember forever. It’s a great gift for new parents expecting mothers and baby showers too!

This set includes:

  • Numbers from 1-10.
  • The word “months”
  • A fabric bag for storage

Materials: Acrylic Felt, polyester fiber, wool and embroidery floss

Sizes: Between 4 - 6 cms (H) 1.5 - 5 cms (W)

Care Instructions: 

Please treat me gently 
Don’t put the letters in the washing machine. If they get dirty, gentle clean them with a wipe and let dry.

Handmade by Veronica from Felty Heart Crafts

* Please note, this item is made to order and will be shipped separately. Allow 2-3 weeks production.