Clay Mask Exfoliator
Clay Mask Exfoliator
Little Earthside

Clay Mask Exfoliator

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This versatile 2 in 1 clay mask and exfoliator is all you have ever wanted to include into your beauty routine. Packed with simple ingredients from the earth such as Australian white clay, pink clay and ground walnut shells. The clays are working together to purify and to detox tired, oily, blemish prone skin, while the ground walnut shells will exfoliate any dead skin. Including this mask into your routine once or twice weekly will prevent blackheads, regenerate skin tissues, unclogging pores yet leaving your skin silky smooth! Try it today and your skin and the earth will thank you for it!

You will receive one bamboo brush, 100ml of clay exfoliating mask in a glass jar, wooden spoon and a ceramic pot. 

Not recommended if you have a nut allergy 
Coming soon: Reduce waste by buying the pouch to refill the glass jar.