Cloth Wipes
Cloth Wipes
Cloth Wipes
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Cloth Wipes

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Reduce your waste by using reusable cloth wipes! Handmade with double cotton flannelette, it’s soft on your bub’s skin and made to last. 

This is a 6 pack of cotton flannelette wipes 

Approx 22cmx20cm (the same as a store bought paper towel)
This is approx 8"x9”
Two layers of pure cotton flannel.
The front is the same pattern as the back

You can use this size for so many different tasks - cloth wipes for baby, kitchen paper, wipe, casual napkin, washcloth, you could even use them as a cloth handkerchief.

Fabric is prewashed.
Item is top stitched with decorative stitch that also increases durability
Please expect some additional shrinkage if you wash on hot or tumble dry.

Machine washable best on their own but can go in with other lighter colours.
Line dry or tumble dry low
If you love ironing no problem!
If you hate ironing, no problem!
Best to put on most gentle cycle and line dry. warm iron makes these look amazing but flattening with your hand also works
If you get lint....cold rinse item with 1/2 cup of white vinegar and the lint disappears!