Dish & Laundry Bar
Dish & Laundry Bar
Little Earthside

Dish & Laundry Bar

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Reduce your plastics by using a dish and laundry bar! It's perfect for washing clothes, dishes and as a stain remover. Team it with our eco brushes or our crotchet dish cloth to get great results. This would also make a great bar for travelling or on the go!

Handmade in Australian with 100% natural ingredients, safe you and the Earth.

How to Use:

Laundry: to remove stains, simply rub the soap on the stain and soak as usual. To wash clothes, grate a tablespoon and place in with clothes on hot or cold cycle. Also, great for handwashing.

Dishes: Use a brush directly on soap to clean dishes or grate a teaspoon in hot water. 

Ingredients: tallow, sustainable palm oil, rice bran oil