Eco Art Pack
Eco Art Pack
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Eco Art Pack

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This is the perfect gift for little ones who are love to colour and paint, minus all the harmful ingredients! 
Let them paint and draw using our handmade ceramic pots to mix powdered paints (add water), bamboo paintbrush and eco crayons made for little hands! 

PLANT BASED: natural eco paints and crayons are made from 100% plant ingredients.  The colour range is derived from plant, root, spice and flower pigments.  All art mediums are vegan, gluten free, nut free and dairy free making them a safe alternative. They are also free from non-renewable mined clay and micas which are commonly used to colour ‘eco-friendly’ art products.

NON-TOXIC:  the best part is that that these paints and crayons are 100% non-toxic - free from synthetic colours and chemicals.  Natural eco crayons and paints are food grade so if they do make their way into little mouths they are completely safe.

ECO PACKAGING: BIODEGRADABLE, COMPOSTABLE AND RECYCLABLE: this is one of the most exciting parts of natural eco paints and crayons– the whole kit and its contents are either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable – a tick for sustainability!

Handmade clay pots and sustainably sources bamboo paintbrush!

For ages 3 and up.