Orange, Clove + Cinnamon Toilet Fizzes
Orange, Clove + Cinnamon Toilet Fizzes
Orange, Clove + Cinnamon Toilet Fizzes
Maesi Apothecary

Orange, Clove + Cinnamon Toilet Fizzes

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Make toilet cleaning a breeze, smelling lovely and chemical free! These fizzies are moulded for individual use - simply pop them into your toilet bowl and leave for a minute. Then scrub the entire bowl and seat brackets. Done.. clean toilet. No nasties. Toilet cleaning that won't harm the environment!

Maesi Apothecary uses all natural, organic, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Simply products - nothing toxic, nothing hidden, no fillers or nasty preservatives. They are completely cruelty free - for both humans and animals. A brand you will love and trust.

Handcrafted, Eco-friendly + Natural Skincare

  • Handmade in small batches in the Perth Hills of Western Australia
  • Free From Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Phosphates, Palm Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Paraffins & Alcohol 
  • Fragrance Free, we use essential oils to add aroma to our products
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free (tested on human volunteers, not animals)


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Organic Castile Soap, Sweet Orange ( Citrus Sinensis) Essential Oil, Clove (Syzigium Aromaticum) Essential Oil, Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) Essential Oil, Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Essential Oil, Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Radiata) Essential Oil.