Reusable Car Diffuser
Reusable Car Diffuser
Two Little Sisters

Reusable Car Diffuser

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Reduce your plastic waste and chemicals by using these Reusable Car Diffusers! Breathe in some natural scents with a range of smells using a blend of essential oils!

Car Diffusers are great to use in cars, boats & caravans or lightly scent a small room/cupboard in your home. 

Car Diffuser - 10ml
Scent life Approx. 8 Weeks at full strength.

 INSTRUCTIONS: Simply unscrew / remove the cork lid then remove plastic bung. Put you cork lid back on- ensuring lid is tight, tip upside down and allow the oil to absorb into the cork. Hang in your desired place. Shake or tip upside down every now and again to make the scent stronger. Last approximately 3 months (depending on air-conditioning, airflow and temperature) 

 Refills are available at Two Little Sisters Candle Co.