Panty Liner Cloth Pad
Panty Liner Cloth Pad
Panty Liner Cloth Pad
Panty Liner Cloth Pad
Panty Liner Cloth Pad
Moon Cloth Mama

Panty Liner Cloth Pad

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Reduce your waste towards landfill when it comes to Auntie Flow by using reusable cloth pads! Moon Cloth Mama pads are quality made, cost effective, practical and come in beautiful prints since 2013. 

Cloth pads come in 3 different sizes: panty liner, regular pads and heavy pads


Regular Panty Liners:  8” (20cm) 

  • Cotton outer layers
  • 2 ply internal inner core is pure cotton flannel 
  • May be worn either side up
  • For everyday use, days in between, cup back up or spotting etc. 

Each pad is designed with wings and snaps to easily adjust to your size and discreetly fold away or to pack in your handbag! 

Everyone is unique so please enquire if you are not sure of your flow and sizes. Moon Cloth Mama can customise at your request. Pads are also available in Trial Packs to begin your eco-journey!

Care Recommendations:

 Soak in cold water to reduce staining. Fabric softener not recommended. Wash in regular wash cold to warm. May be washed on hot wash to sanitize if required. If lint occurs, rinse on cold with 1/2 cup of white vinegar and the lint will disappear. Line dry recommended, if tumble dry is necessary it may be dried with your regular washing. 

*Please note, this is a made to order item and will be shipped separately. Allow 2-3 weeks production.

About Moon Cloth Mama

Melinda is the owner of Moon Cloth Mama from Melbourne since 2013. She sews reusable cloth pads and accessories that are stylish, affordable and most of all - machine washable. Only the finest materials such as pure cotton, ethically-sourced merino wool, bamboo and nursery grade micro fleece are used. Items are never mass produced. Materials are always pre-washed in earth friendly detergents to remove any residues from fabric production and to avoid the risk of items shrinking in the wash in the future. All customers who purchase these products becomes Moon Cloth Mama's "Moon Child".