Reusable Pleated Face Masks
Reusable Pleated Face Masks
Reusable Pleated Face Masks
Reusable Pleated Face Masks
Reusable Pleated Face Masks
Reusable Pleated Face Masks
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Reusable Pleated Face Masks

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Our handmade face masks protect you and your community by providing an additional physical barrier to contagious diseases. The masks are made with 3 layers of premium cotton -  making it breathable with air flow. This is a Free Shipping item.

Elastics can be shortened but not lengthened so if unsure go up a size. 

Different ways of shortening elastics:
- twist the elastics over so the lower elastic goes over the top of the ear and vice versa
- run mask through a hot wash to encourage shrinking 
- tie a knot in the elastic



One sized pleated rectangle fits most, when laid out flat measures 21cm x 14.5cm

Choice of ear elastic length
17cm - small to medium adult 
19cm - large adult (eg women size 14 up)
21 cm - extra large (eg men, plus sized women)
*Children under 3 years are not recommended to wear mask due to choking hazards
  • The masks are not PPE but will provide a snug fit to your face. They will not prevent Covid-19 but may provide some protection. 
  • These face masks have been made in accordance with Australia guidelines.
  • When you receive your mask, hand wash it with detergent in warm water and line dry or tumble dry low heat.
  • Be careful when you remove your mask after wearing. Please see the WHO guidance on how to wear and remove a mask safely.
  • Wash your hands immediately with warm soapy water.
  • Change your mask each time you have used it (don’t stash and restore for the next day) 
Washing info:
  • Launder with detergent and warm water
  • Line dry (or low heat tumble dry)
  • Iron if desired, on cotton setting
The mask are reusable and at end of their life cycle, you can snip of the parts with thread and place the cotton portion in compost as it will biodegrade as it is a natural fibre.
This item will be shipped separately. Please allow 2-5 days to make.